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So about seven months ago I downloaded this app with the thought that if I lose I’ll just delete the app and move on... well, fast forward to now and with the one dollar they gave me I have turned into $170! I’m enjoying this app and the competition it’s giving me!
— Bgutknecht13 - App Store Review
I never rate apps because I think it’s a hassle but this app has earned my time to say that it is really awesome. If you’re sports savvy and don’t mind converting $5 into $30 like I have (so far) then this app is for you. LOVE the weekly leaderboards that pay out nicely. Stop reading this and just download it already!
Nothing but good things to say about this app! Very addictive and fun to play. You can start by depositing as little as $5 like me, and turn it into a couple hundred! I have had lots of success and fun playing this low risk app. Very fun!
— Cmaloney2 - App Store Review